With the interview of a 2012 Nirbhaya gangrape and murder convict snowballing into a huge controversy, a section of lawyers has criticised the BBC for giving a platform to a convict for a crime like rape.

“The law doesn’t allow a rape convict to talk to the media while the matter is sub-judice. What has come out in public, in the form of interview, is an insult to the victim. Why is media sensationalising it? Even the Freedom of Speech is subjected to certain restrictions, which means the freedom should be in accordance with morality and interest of the country. The Government is completely justified in banning the documentary,” said Shilpi Jain, a Supreme Court lawyer.

Jain added that through this interview, BBC has given a platform to a convict for a crime like rape. “The permission should not have been given as the case is sub-judice. This interview has tarnished India’s image internationally. The USA, France, Sweden, Germany are among top 10 countries across the world with the highest record of rape. Rape accused world over try to reduce their guilt by blaming the victim for rape,” she said.

Another SC lawyer Geeta Luthra said, “An accused can talk to the media, but what has come across in the interview is product of sick mindset. One can’t ban speech but this is something in which restrictions should be levied under right to freedom of speech,”