German student raped in India fears for her life

A German student who was raped by the son of a senior Indian police officer is being allgedly pressurised to withdraw her complaint.

NEW DELHI: A German student who was raped by the son of a senior Indian police officer said on Wednesday she fears for her life after being bombarded with mobile phone text messages demanding she withdraw her complaint.

“I am constantly receiving SMS messages. I am very scared, he may even kill me,” the student told NDTV news channel.

The 26-year-old research scholar from Berlin says the man raped her on March 20 at a hotel in the Alwar city in Rajasthan state where the two had travelled together.

“Two days after the incident, she started getting intimidating SMSes asking her to withdraw the complaint,” the woman’s lawyer Shilpi Jain told AFP by phone from Alwar.

“They have been sending messages like: We sympathise with you. Please forgive Biti (the accused), or he may end his life,” Jain said.

According to the lawyer, a German friend of the victim claimed that the father of the accused has said that his son is ready to marry the woman he raped.

The lawyer said a crucial witness — a German woman whom the victim contacted shortly after the rape — has already withdrawn from the case after being “intimidated” by relatives of the accused.

The suspect raped the student in her hotel room, police said. She then sent text messages telling of the rape to her friends in New Delhi and in Berlin, who alerted police. The train was intercepted and the suspect detained.

Jain said the student wanted to return to Germany within a week as her presence would not be needed after her statement was recorded. In the past few years, several relatives of influential politicians and officials have escaped conviction in high-profile murder cases in India, drawing widespread outrage and criticism of the judicial process.

The victim recorded her statement before a local fast track court on Wednesday.

The woman came from Delhi to appear before the court of Additional District Judge R K Maheshwari. The accused B H Mohanty was also present in the court during the hearing.

The investigating officer has already framed charges against Mohanty and submitted them before the court on Tuesday.